WG311T Software Version 5.0

Published May 22, 2007

  • Driver version: (XP/2K), (Vista)
  • Utility version: (XP/2K), (Vista)

Fixes and New Features

  • Added support for Windows Vista.

Known Issues

  • 108 Mbps is not supported in Vista


To Upgrade

(Windows XP screens are shown, however the process is similar in other operating systems.)


1. Download using the button below to a convenient place such as your desktop. Note this is a large file! ( 15.9 MB )


2. Uninstall the existing adapter software by selecting Start > All Programs > NETGEAR WG311T Smart Wizard > Uninstall NETGEAR WG311T Software. The Install Assitant window displays. (Windows XP screens are shown.)


3. Click Next.

4. Click OK.

5. Click OK to complete the uninstallation.


6. Close any programs that are open on your computer.

7. Shut down your computer by selecting Start > Turn off Computer > Turn off.

8. Ground yourself by touching an unpainted metal surface on the outside back of the computer case. Click for information about grounding.

Note: It's easy to damage exposed electrical parts. The damage might be hidden. It may take several shocks for serious problems to show. Avoid touching metal connection pins, and the exposed electrical circuits on the card's surface. The silver end mounting bracket is insulated, and may be handled.

9. Note which PCI slot your WG311T is in, because you will want to replace it in the same slot, later. Remove NETGEAR WG311T wireless adapter from the PCI slot.

10. Close your computer case.

11. Plug the power cord back to your computer.

12. Turn on your computer.

13. After the operating system reboots, double-click the file you just downloaded to start the installation.


14. Click Next.

15. Click Accept to accept the license agreement.

16. Click Next to install in the default directory.

17. Click Next. A message appears while the software is installing.


18. A Windows warning message pops up; click Continue Anyway.

19. Click Next to continue with the hardware installation.


20. Click OK.


21. Close your open computer applications.

22. Turn off the computer. Ground yourself by touching an unpainted metal surface on the outside back of the computer case.

23. Unplug the power cord.

24. Open the computer case.

25. Insert the WG311T adapter into the same PCI slot that it used before.

26. Replace the case on the computer.

27. Plug in the power cord.

28. Turn the computer on, and wait until it reboots completely.

29. Select the country where the computer will be used, and click Agree. Incorrect selection may cause performance problems.


30. Select to use NETGEAR Smart Wizard (recommended), then Click Next.

The Selecting a Network window appears. Highlight the Network Name you want to connect to. If the Network Name (SSID) is blank, it means that network's router is not broadcasting its SSID. If you want to connect to that network, log in to the router, or ask your network administrator for the SSID.


31. Click Next. The screen advances to Saving Profiles step. You do not have to enter a profile, but it's easier that reentering the network information.

32. Click Finish to close the installer.


33. A confirmation message shows that your computer is connected to the Internet. Also the utility window displays. Now that the installation is finished, this is the window you will use in the future to examine available networks, etc. You may close or leave the Smart Wizard utility window open during normal operation.







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